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NickCery International Safety Training Plc., Delivers OPITO IMIST

When asked for comment on this new partnership between NickCery International Safety Training Plc., (Cameroon) and Atlas Knowledge in Scotland, Mr. Elliot Sycamore (Operations Manager for NickCery international Safety Training in Africa) was quoted as saying ”This marks the start of a bright new future for industrial trainings in Central & West Africa and Africa as a whole, and not just in the Oil and Gas industry but with a new range of industrial safety trainings, we cover a very broad spectrum of industry

 “. He also went on to say “Our new On/Offshore, Maritime Safety Training & AccommodationCentre, situated on the southern slopes of the 4,000 m plus Mount Cameroon, one of Africa’s largest active volcanoes in the south west region of Cameroon, the seaside city of (Victoria) Limbe is famous for its black sand beaches and the annual Mount Cameroon Race of Hope, organized by Guinness Cameroon that takes place yearly in Buea.

Our training Centre in Victoria (Limbe) Cameroon currently boasts a dedicated IMIST training suite, and plans are underway for a large scale e-leaning room where we can run consecutive courses in different subjects and the potential for private individuals to at last be able to approach us for trainings to aid their future job prospects. This OPITO certified IMIST training is just one of around 2,500 new internationally recognized industrial focus e-learning courses that NickCery in partnership with Atlas Knowledge help to bring to this region of Africa.

At NickCery we understand that our customers’ needs change at times, with time allocation and budget tightening and more value per dollar demanded by companies to meet their training requirements. These new training options will also help individuals wanting to upgrade their skills to make them more attractive to prospective employers, without breaking the bank or putting them in serious debt, so I think this is a win/win situation, and naturally these courses will be offered in many languages”.

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